Watch the first episode of 'The High Five Project'

On the first episode of the high five project, Pepe Clarke Magaña, drummer for the popular rock band Kyng,  shares his personal joys and accomplishments and tells us what he is more proud of in his career and life.

What is the high five project?

We’re surrounded by negativity. It’s just the way the world is. It could stop us from celebrating the good. Celebrating ourselves. The high five project allows us to share our personal joys and accomplishments unashamedly and boldly for the world to see. Created by former grammy writer Will Dawson and directed by Emmy award-winning director Blake Vaz, “the high fives project” answers the question, “what makes you great?’ by challenging the subject to dig deep and affirm—on camera–five great things about themselves.

Yes, it’d be easy to name your children, your cousin that just graduated with honors, or something your work department accomplished recently. What this project asks is that we all go beyond the surface and assess, affirm and acknowledge things that make us complete.

Things that make us smile. Things that make us “us.”anything after the second affirmation may prove to be a lot, so there will be prompting questions off-camera to help unlock answers you may not have.