UK Film Review: L.U.N.A. by Blake Vaz

Chilling and confronting, L. U. N. A. is a short film behaving like a snapshot in time as character and viewer explore an old house with secrets hidden in its depths. Protagonist Lillian’s job is to inspect an issue with a L. U. N. A. device within the house and, in the process, accidentally discovers far more than she bargained for.

The film itself has a ‘classic’ type of horror vibe to it, with the look and score reminiscent of series like Stranger Things in terms of the nostalgia that it creates. Technology aside, it feels almost old-timey to watch and the plot certainly fits this structure. Arguably, the best horror stories are the ones that keep the story simple and timeless and, as Lillian enters the creepy old house, tension is built very effectively and creates equal measures of fear and intrigue.

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