TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST: Blake Vaz Talks About Filmmaking and his Short Film ‘Matches’

Tell us about yourself. How did you become an artist? I am originally from the Texassouthwest border. I was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Juárez, Mexico. I am a filmmaker and a musician, and my journey in the arts started at a young age. I started playing guitar and singing in rock bands in my early teens. I’ve always been obsessed with film and always had a camera in my hands, recording our band’s rehearsals, live shows, and music videos.

After graduating from college, my bandmates and I were serious about continuing our musical journey and taking it to another level. We signed with a small indie rock label and moved to Los Angeles. We had an amazing run playing at all the big rock clubs in LA and were able to create a solid local following, but the music industry was going through a big shift and while our band, THE MULBERRY PURPLE, is still together today, we decided to move on from live shows and focus on recording music and releasing it independently. Today, the band mostly records music for my film’s soundtracks.

Once I was settled in Los Angeles, I landed a job at the Los Angeles Times, my degree is in Computer Science, so I originally was hired to manage the back end of their Spanish language website. At this time, I was making my own content as social media networks started to take off, I convinced my bosses to let me create more video content for the website and so my position slowly shifted to the content creator, and eventually to DigitalContent Manager.

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