SoCal so Chill: From fashion, to food, to music, these Latinx tastemakers show you LA

Produced by Blake Vaz of Valagardo Productions with Remezcla.

Many guides to SoCal cater strictly to tourists and include stops at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and Grand Central Market. But those places won’t give you a full look at the region’s rich culture or locals’ favorite haunts. That’s why Coors Light decided to highlight the best places for locals to chill in Los Angeles.

Tapping Kids of Immigrant designer Daniel Buezo, DJ Sizzle Fantastic and Raul Medina, who is behind Taqueria la Venganza, we went thrifting, ate vegan street food and dug for vinyl gems, letting us experience SoCal like a local. Check out the video below.