City Tears is a feature we’ve been developing for a few years now. And this teaser/short is a series of scenes that we hand picked from the feature and put it together as a stand alone short.


Miguel (Luis Deveze) is an undercover cop who is on the run from Castillo (Miguel Borunda Yanar). A drug lord that just had his son murdered in a drug bust gone wrong. Miguel visits his family on what could potentially be his last night alive. After receiving the phone call, Miguel reports to the only person he can trust only to be betrayed.

Miguel: Luis Deveze

Marta: Paola Pedroza

Ana: Alexa De Carlo

Steve: Rudy Marquez

Castillo: Miguel Borunda

Directed by: Daniel Andres Gomez Bagby

Produced by: Marco De Molina

Executive Producers: Steven Moreno Abe Jallad Casey Mraz Blake Vaz David O. Aguilar

Production Supervisor: Ornella Jaramillo

Production Coordinator: Kelly KJ Ray

Assistant Director: Gustavo Peña

Cinematography: Robert Webb