CANVAS REBEL: Meet Blake Vaz

We were lucky to catch up with Blake Vaz recently and have shared our conversation below

Blake, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. It’s always helpful to hear about times when someone’s had to take a risk – how did they think through the decision, why did they take the risk, and what ended up happening. We’d love to hear about a risk you’ve taken.

I have taken quite a few risks in the pursuit of my creative passions. I moved to LA almost 20 years ago chasing a music dream. I left everything behind to try to make it with my rock band in Los Angeles. We knew no one in LA, we had no connections, nothing. I knew there was nothing for me back in my home town.

I grew up in the border town if El Paso/Juárez, in those days there was not a scene or as much opportunities for creative people so the only way to pursue my goals was to leave to LA. My first marriage had just ended, I had to young children, I had just graduated from College and I was struggling to find work. Leaving my children, my family and friends behind was one of the hardest things I’ve done, and it was a struggle to adjust, but I knew I had to leave to reach my goals.

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