The Mulberry Purple LIVE on the WorldArts Stage

January Featured Artists “The Mulberry Purple” stopped by the WorldArts Stage for an exclusive Periscope performance and interview!

The Mulberry Purple is a pulse-pounding, high-voltage rock band that throws all its inner energy in your face while it grips you with the intensity of their lyrics. Their musical roots can be traced back to the border town of Juarez, Mexico, a city whose musical blend is as diverse and rich as its culture and people. Inspired by such background, they’ve created a sound that merges the classic concept of straight up rock with their Latin musical roots into a fusion that is reminiscent of the heyday of rock. Band members Blake Vaz (vocals), Julio Cervantes (bass) and David Aguilar (guitar) joined us at WorldArts for a special stripped down acoustic version of their high voltage rock songs.


Watch them perform their originals “Crash the Line”, “Follow” and “I Am”:

Learn more about Blake, Julio, and David’s experiences together as The Mulberry Purple by watching their interview below.

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