Who is Blake Vaz?

Blake Vaz is a singer, writer, musician, director, and Emmy® Award Winning producer who is constantly expanding his involvement in different areas of entertainment, arts and sport.


A native of the Juarez/El Paso borderland, Vaz has been involved in music and film since his teenage years. As the lead singer of the rock band The Mulberry Purple, Blake Vaz toured and played hundreds of shows in the US and Mexico. The band continues to release music for films, commercials and digital content.


With over 10 years experience creating digital and branded content, Blake started his content career on the news media side working for one of the largest publishers in the country, the Tribune Company. As the Digital Products Manager for Tribune’s Hoy Newspaper, he was instrumental in the development of new digital properties, curating and creating content as the Newspaper world transitioned into a digital first strategy.


As the Director of Digital Content for Walton Isaacson, ‘The Planet’s Most Interesting Agency’, Blake had the opportunity to create unique multicultural digital content for international brands like Lexus, Spalding, McDonald’s and Wells Fargo.


It was at WI where he was able to bring the music show VIDALEXS PRESENTA Té Para Tres to a larger audience by spearheading the relationship with the Lexus Brand and the show’s creators to produce two seasons of the Emmy Award Winning TV show. As co-producer of the show, Vaz received an Emmy Award in the Magazine Show category.


With the traditional advertising model shifting towards digital and branded content, Blake has been successful in creating and producing content for brands independently and through partnerships with digital studios like Impremedia’s IMStudio+.


Some of his latest project include, the music documentary web series, VIDALEXUS PRESENTS: Reengineering Popular Music with Raquel Sofia. A widely successful music series that he created, developed, wrote, produced and directed for Lexus. The High Five Project, a self-esteem project directed by Blake, designed to go beyond the surface and assess, affirm, and acknowledge things that make us complete. Things that make us smile.


Blake is also the owner of Valagardo Productions, through which he produces independent content, films and TV shows like Adventure Nation, an outdoor adventure reality show which he co-hosted and produced, and the short film Blood Stains, which was written, produced, directed and scored by Blake.



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