Uforia interview with Raquel Sofía and Blake Vaz about the webseries RPM: Reengineering Popular Music

Uforia music caught up with Raquel Sofía, singer and host, and Blake Vaz, director/producer, of the docuseries RPM: Reengineering Popular Music during their live RPM show in Los Angeles.

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Blake Vaz
@blakevazJun 27
Please contribute to our @seedandspark campaign for the short @filmbloodstains thank you https://t.co/t9aWMBK0wK https://t.co/CvtMRN2CeP
Blake Vaz
@blakevazJun 25
Last night at the #toolband concert. These kids were getting lit, literally! #thepot #bonfire… https://t.co/RqKtndzbqQ
Blake Vaz
@blakevazJun 24
#Repost @somecreativegrl Back in the casting room! 😄 super excited about producing this… https://t.co/a8IKHo4WaJ