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What Donald Trump said about Mexicans is based on ignorance .This campaign helps turn ignorance around and shows the truth about who Latinos really are in this country. Blake Vaz appeared as part of the campaign and was a digital producer throughout its run.


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Blake Vaz
@blakevazApr 20
A few stills and behind the scenes shots of the PSA commercial I produced and directed with… https://t.co/LMdPT0M5Aj
Blake Vaz
@blakevazApr 15
A nice Sunday hike with the fam. @ Escondido Falls https://t.co/GxqCFKdZsm
Blake Vaz
@blakevazApr 07
Met my boy @drose today before the @Timberwolves vs @Lakers game. Such a nice dude! #drose #stillmyfavplayer https://t.co/DgtYfo4pNf