How far are you willing to go?

This road films begs the question – what are you willing to sacrifice for success?  Exploring this addiction to fame, Blood Stain’s creators have hired a diverse and talented team in front of and behind the camera to create a terrifying vision in the vein of The Hitcher and The Devil’s Rejects.

Written, Produced, Edited, Scored and Directed by Blake Vaz. Blood Stains is a short film currently in post-production. Visit for more information.

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Blake Vaz
@blakevazDec 10
5 cities, 4 states, 5 @hyundai dealerships, 9 flights in 7 days. Sun, snow and rain and a great time shooting with…
Blake Vaz
@blakevazDec 09
It’s been a minute since I got one of these. Maybe we’ll get the band back together @richardsokul!! @richardsokul o…
Blake Vaz
@blakevazDec 07
Location 4 of 5. Almost there! Thank you hollerhyundai! #runandgunmageddon @ Holler Hyundai