Toyota Presents: The Accelerators by Remezcla

Co-Produced by Blake Vaz of Valagardo Productions.

If you’re going to be stuck in LA traffic, why not make it productive? Here, Edgar Nito, the director of “Gasoline Thieves”, gives 3 emerging Latino filmmakers advice on their movie pitches as they drive around LA in the new #Corolla.

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Blake Vaz
@blakevazOct 16
Day 10 done and that’s a wrap on #HyundaiHighways!! 17 days of madness, 10 shoot days, 6 national parks, 5 episodes…
Blake Vaz
@blakevazOct 15
Day 9 of #HyundaiHighways: beautiful views at Grand Teton, freezing weather in the morning, horses, ravens, broken…
Blake Vaz
@blakevazOct 13
RT @AlteredLA: We're proud to say that Blood Stains, one of the many projects participated in, is part of this year's ANIMAL Film Fest. Con…