Blue South

Blue South

Staring, from a distance
Imagining where you are
Searching for you in other loves
a collection of endless nights
In a restless trance your memory tells
we are nothing but a moment in time

The blissful scent you forgot in my bed
Paints a living picture in my head
How can we know what lies ahead
Our lives got lost as a sinful enemy
Down in the blue south she lives a lie

Unique giving lips, those telling eyes
Beautiful being, an unmistakable touch
A sour story, a forgiving smile
A touch of passion, a kiss of hope
A familiar scent, a promising grace

A relative distance, a narrating look
The constant struggle, the fight for love
In a telling sigh, or confrontational lust.
distance lets sin becomes an ally
The future it’s all we’ve got


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